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Automatic Bird Monitoring & Protection
DTBird® is a self-working System for Bird Monitoring and/or Mortality Mitigation at On&Offshore Wind Turbines (WTG). The system automatically detects birds and can optionally take two independent actions to mitigate bird collision risk: the activation of warning sounds and/or the stoppage of the WTG.
Detection/Collision Control Module
Daylight HD cameras survey 360º around the WTG. Optionally, at night 2-8 Thermal cameras survey the monitored areas around the WTG. Birds are detected in real-time while videos and data are stored. Installation design and operational settings are customized for any Target Species and WTG dimensions. Potential and accidental bird collisions can be recorded and checked in videos with sound through Online access.
Collision Avoidance Module
This module automatically emits warning sounds at birds flying in potential collision risk and discouraging sounds for birds flying in the high collision risk area. The type of sounds, emission levels, and installation and operational settings are adjusted to: target species, WTG dimensions and local sound regulations. No energy production loss and applicable to all bird species. Species-specific sounds can be applied.
Stop Control Module
Automatic WTG stop and restart according to real-time bird collision risk evaluation. Adjustable to target species/groups.
Data Analysis Platform
Online Data Analysis Platform provides transparent access to review bird flights including: videos with sound, environmental data and WTG operational parameters. Graphics and Automatic Service Reports for selected periods are also available. Includes two access right levels: Analyzer and Manager.
DTBird&DTBat Data Analysis Platform 2.0
DTBird® & DTBat® Worldwide Presence
DTBird worldwide presence 2020
DTBird® & DTBat® features are demanded by environmental administrations of an increasing number of countries. Over 350 DTBird® & DTBat® units have been installed at over 80 existing / projected, onshore /offshore wind farms in 14 countries (Austria, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States). DTBird® is operating at WTG since 2009 and DTBat® since 2012.
Latest News
DTBird systems have been deployed successfully in an offshore environment since 2016, starting with the Offshore platform Fino1 (North Sea). Recently, a new and improved design for the cameras’ housing was developed. This housing gives greater protection against corrosion and humidity in a marine setting. For every wind farm, DTBird prepares a specific Engineering project to accommodate camera location, orientation and fixing to the wind turbine and/or transition piece, whether it’s a fixed or floating Wind Farm. New incoming Offshore projects will benefit it! New DTBird Offshore Camera Design    
Offshore Redesign of Camera Housing
Written on Thursday, 30 September 2021 14:54
In recent months, DTBird strengthened and enlarged the organization and structure. Selection processes were opened, and the new employees were incorporated to develop the Human Resources, Legal, Research, Cybersecurity, Engineering and Manufacturing areas of DTBird&DTBat. Currently, there are more than 50 Technicians working behind the scenes. The Manufacturing areas and offices have been expanded to accommodate more technicians, material stockage, tools and testing areas. DTBird Company Organizational Chart.     Manufacturing Area Renovation.    DTBird Office.
New Manufacturing Facilities and Company Areas
Written on Thursday, 23 September 2021 15:50
  Since last year, the company began to implement an organizational cybersecurity policy, which ultimately improves the manufacturing of the DTBird & DTBat systems. The cybersecurity procedures include the fulfillment of IEC 62443, an international standard which applies to Wind Farms as these are considered large industrial communication networks and systems. Consequently, all the areas of the company were technically aligned, ranging from Human Resources (employee selection and cybersecurity awareness) to the hardening of the DTBird & DTBat systems (all hardware components included). DTBird & DTBat cybersecurity compliance
Cybersecurity Compliance
Written on Wednesday, 04 August 2021 16:37
As the Offshore wind market continues to grow across regions, so does the demand to install and operate DTBird & DTBat units. DTBird has unique features of bird monitoring, mortality mitigation, and even collision control that comply with the Environmental Authorizations.   DTBird Offshore units undergo a higher customization of equipment, cabling, fixing, communications and cybersecurity to fulfill the quality, durability and robustness needed for operation in marine weather conditions.    DTBird is operating in the North Sea since 2016 and has been installed in 3 Offshore Projects and 5 Near-shore Projects. Lately, DTBird has completed 5 Engineering Design Projects, to…
New DTBird Offshore Projects on the horizon!
Written on Thursday, 25 February 2021 19:15
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DTBird® & DTBat® are trademarks of Liquen Consultoría Ambiental,S.L., a leading Spanish Technological Firm specialized in Wildlife Protection at Wind Farms.
With Headquarters in Madrid, and worldwide installations, Liquen Team is the unique Seller and Technical Support Provider of DTBird® & DTBat® Technology.

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