A DTBirdV4N2 Model was installed at the beginning of June, on the "BlueSATH", a 1:6 scale prototype of a 10MW wind turbine using SATH floating technology at the Astander Shipyard located in Santander, Cantabria, Spain. It is comprised of 4 HD daylight cameras and 2 HD thermal cameras, providing 360º coverage of the Rotor Swept Area. The prototype will be finally installed in El Abra del Sardinero. The data gathered at the site will shed more light on the species' type, behaviour and activity patterns.

DTBird has already provided engineering technical support for the integration in 6 Offshore projects.


IMG 20200605 133400 resized 20200608 020443618 DTBirdV4N2 System installed on Saitec's BlueSATH protoype