The Data Analysis Platform (DAP) receives a fresh, new look. This version 2.0 provides a cleaner, User-Friendly interface. Some major upgrades include:

  • Filtering of any time period: selection of bird flights/bat sonograms.
  • Advanced Search feature:
    • Analyzed-Not analyzed flights/sonograms.
    • Analyzed bird flights/bat sonograms by species/groups.
  • Higher image quality in videos.
  • Control Manager Tab: Allows access to operational state of each Camera/ Detection Module.
  • New graphics and figures in the automatic reporting tool.

DTBird DAP has already being used by local consultants, Bird & Bat protection NGO's and Authorities in several countries. 


DTBird&DTBat new DAP 2.0DAP 2.0 for DTBird&DTBat systems