Two DTBirdV4D8 units are operating with Collision Avoidance module D8 (8 speakers distributed at 2 heights, below the lower point reached by the blades and below the nacelle). Each unit has two settings (sound activated/muted) which switch from one to the other every week. Every week, one unit has the sound activated while the other is muted.

The wind farm is located in Castilla y León (Spain) and the most frecuent species detected in the vicinity of the wind turbines are: Gyps fulvus, Milvus milvus, Buteo buteo and Falco ssp.

The collected data will be used for the species specific evaluation of the DTBird Collision Avoidance module.

DTBird DTBat team visit Spanish wind farm Castilla y León

DTBird&DTBat Team wind farm visit in Castilla y León, Spain.