In 2015 Ecocom, in collaboration Vindform, initiated a pilot project to install and showcase the DTBird system, and to evaluate how the DTBird system performs under Swedish conditions. The report (in Swedish) can be found in the following link: Pilotinstallation av DTBird-systemet i Sverige Möjligheter med skyddssystem för fågelfaunan vid vindkraftanläggningar – erfarenheter från Sveriges första installation av DTBird. Ecocom AB. Amongst others it includes the following results:

The system is viable for bird detection and enables species' identification of large and medium-sized birds.
The system offers effective protection above all for large birds by reducing their dwell time in the risk area between 61-87%.
The system triggers avoidance behaviour in 88% of cases where the bird is on a collision course with the wind turbine. An individual observation was performed for the White-Tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) where the avoidance behaviour was noted as well.
The reports' sumary was translated to English by DTBird in the link: Experiences from Sweden's first DTBird instalation. Ecocom AB.

The video of the White-Tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) collision avoidance is available in DTBirdteam Youtube channel: DTBird Collision Avoidance: White-tailed Eagle.