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Automatic Bird Monitoring & Protection
DTBird® is a self-working System for Bird Monitoring and/or Mortality Mitigation at On&Offshore Wind Turbines (WTG). The system automatically detects birds and can optionally take two independent actions to mitigate bird collision risk: the activation of warning sounds and/or the stoppage of the WTG.
Detection/Collision Control Module
Daylight HD cameras survey 360º around the WTG. Optionally, at night 2-8 Thermal cameras survey the monitored areas around the WTG. Birds are detected in real-time while videos and data are stored. Installation design and operational settings are customized for any Target Species and WTG dimensions. Potential and accidental bird collisions can be recorded and checked in videos with sound through Online access.
Collision Avoidance Module
This module automatically emits warning sounds at birds flying in potential collision risk and discouraging sounds for birds flying in the high collision risk area. The type of sounds, emission levels, and installation and operational settings are adjusted to: target species, WTG dimensions and local sound regulations. No energy production loss and applicable to all bird species. Species-specific sounds can be applied.
Stop Control Module
Automatic WTG stop and restart according to real-time bird collision risk evaluation. Adjustable to target species/groups.
Data Analysis Platform
Online Data Analysis Platform provides transparent access to review bird flights including: videos with sound, environmental data and WTG operational parameters. Graphics and Automatic Service Reports for selected periods are also available. Includes three access right levels: Analyzer, Viewer&Reporter and Viewer.
DTBird® & DTBat® Worldwide Presence
DTBird worldwide
DTBird® & DTBat® features are demanded by environmental administrations of an increasing number of countries. 114 DTBird® & DTBat® units have been installed in 30 existing / projected, onshore /offshore wind farms in 12 countries (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United States). DTBird® is operating at WTG since 2009 and DTBat® since 2012.
Latest News
Two DTBirdV4D8 units are operating with Collision Avoidance module D8 (8 speakers distributed at 2 heights, below the lower point reached by the blades and below the nacelle). Each unit has two settings (sound activated/muted) which switch from one to the other every week. Every week one unit has the sound activated and the other the sounds muted. The wind farm is located in Castilla y Leon (Spain) and the most frecuent species detected in the vacinity of the wind turbines are: Gyps fulvus, Milvus milvus, Buteo buteo and Falco ssp. The collected data will be used for the species…
DTBird Team visits the wind farm where a new test program has started
Written on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 12:36
DTBird in cooperation with the Spanish Wildlife Recovery Center (GREFA) and the Animal Medecine and Surgery Veterinarian Faculty of the Complutense (Spanish University) has tested the hearing of the following bird species: Aquila Chrysaetos, Falco tinnunculus, Gyps fulvus and Milvus milvus. The Audiogram Plots of these species will be used to create new species-specific collision avoidance sounds and to adjust the design of speaker's location and sound levels emitted, customized for both target species and wind turbine dimensions. The bird's hearing research is still open to add more species and individuals.
DTBird finishes first phase of a research program to improve the Collision Avoidance module
Written on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 11:03
We have filed orders for 35 units of the models DTBirdV4D4, DTBirdV4D8, DTBirdV8D10, DTBirdN2 (Night Detection model) and DTBatD3, to be installed in France, Greece, the Netherlands and Spain.
New orders for 35 DTBird&DTBat units
Written on Monday, 03 July 2017 13:12
DTBird has released a software upgrade for both new and existing units. The software upgrade includes the following features: Real-time flight uploads. Now the flights are uploaded to DTBird Data Analysis Platforms (DAP) just after the end of the flights, so videos with sound and data can be available within seconds (depending on the Internet bandwidth). Added new funtionality for thermal image analysis, DTBird Night Detection models. Updated software for DTBirdV8 model, including 8 cameras recording simultaneously uploading it at real-time to the DAP. Improved DTBird Automatic Control System with new automatic failure-correcting protocols.
DTBird software upgrade released
Written on Monday, 03 July 2017 13:00
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