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Automatic Bird Monitoring & Protection
DTBird® is a self-working System for Bird Monitoring and/or Mortality Mitigation at On&Offshore Wind Turbines. The system automatically detects birds and optionally can take 2 independent actions to mitigate bird collision risk with Wind Turbines: the activation of warning sounds and/or the stoppage of the Wind Turbine. R&D Milestones.
Detection/Collision Control Module
HD cameras survey 360º around the Wind Turbine, detecting birds in real-time while storing videos and data. Installation and operational settings are adapted to any Target Species and Wind Turbine dimensions. Potential and accidental bird collisions can be recorded and checked in videos with sound through Online access.
Collision Avoidance Module
This module automatically emits warning sounds at birds flying in potential collision risk and discouraging sounds for birds flying in the high collision risk area. The type of sounds, emission levels, and installation and operational settings are adjusted to: target species, wind turbine dimensions and local sound regulations. No energy production loss and useful for all bird species.
Stop Control Module
Automatic wind turbine stop and restart according to real-time bird collision risk evaluation. Adjustable to target species/groups.
Data Analysis Platform
Online Data Analysis Platform provides transparent access to review bird flights including: videos, environmental data and Wind Turbine operational parameters. Graphics and Automatic Service Reports for selected periods are also available. Includes three access right levels: Analyzer, Viewer and Reporter, and Viewer.
DTBird® Worldwide Presence
DTBird worldwide
DTBird© characteristics are demanded by environmental administrations of an increasing number of countries.
70 units DTBird© are distributed in 18 existing / projected, onshore /offshore wind farms in 10 countries (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States). The DTBat© system has also been installed in Spain, Poland and Switzerland.
Latest News
In the following months, 9 additional DTBird® & DTBat® units will be installed in Austria and the USA. With these installations, the number of units installed worldwide will reach 82, distributed throughout 11 countries. See the updated DTBird® brochure with the installations map.
New orders for DTBird® & DTBat® in Austria and the USA
Written on Friday, 20 May 2016 11:10
The first DTBirdV8 was installed in Zaragoza (Spain) in March. This new model reaches a bird detection distance of 600 m, 360º around the WTG. See the updated DTBird® Specifications for Wind Turbines that includes 3D graphics of Detection Module models V4 and V8.
First DTBirdV8 installed: The new DTBird® model for On & Offshore large WTG.
Written on Friday, 20 May 2016 11:06
DTBird® was selected to participate in the project due to its unique features and data transparency. The project LIFE12 BIO/GR/000554 is a product of the collaboration between The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) and the environmental consulting company Nature Conservation Consultants (NCC), with the contribution of EU's financial instrument LIFE+. DTBird® has been installed at the Wind Farm and the Park of Energy Awareness (PENA) of CRES at Keratea (Greece), where it will be operating for 3 years. http://windfarms-wildlife.gr/english/news.html
DTBird participates in Life Project: Demonstration of good practices to minimize impacts of Wind Farms on Biodiversity in Greece.
Written on Thursday, 07 April 2016 15:42
Meet DTBird Team You can meet DTBird® Team and get your first hand information in:   May 23-26, 2016 New Orleans, Louisiana. Booth 2047.     September 27-30, 2016. Hamburg, Germany. Hall A1 Booth 141
Meet DTBird Team
Written on Thursday, 07 April 2016 13:08
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DTBird® & DTBat® are trademarks of Liquen Consultoría Ambiental,S.L., a leading Spanish Technological Firm specialized in Wildlife Protection at Wind Farms.
With Headquarters in Madrid, and worldwide installations, Liquen Team is the unique Seller and Technical Support Provider of DTBird® & DTBat® Technology.

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